CrossFit Talk – Let’s Get Loud and Shirtless


December 13, 2012 by j1scotty

So I wanted to have a little CrossFit talk with all my fellow CrossFit athletes, enthusiasts and/or interested readers. Last week, Jen posted about the importance of women covering up their goods when deciding to participate in a Crossfit WOD. We know they can feel a breeze coming through down there. If this happens, you might want to re-check your wardrobe. No one wants to see your hoo-ha hanging out while we’re trying to get our workout on. Get. It. Together…Just saying.

Well, we have had a follow-up question to this particular post: What do we think about guys going shirtless in the gym? Great question, and one in which I will be more than happy to answer.

I, personally, think the gym is a place where people should feel comfortable in their own skin. Throw self-esteem or body image issues out the window. You are there for the same reason everyone else is – to get better, stronger, faster and in the best shape your body will allow. So why not show off what you’re proud of and worked so hard to accomplish? If a guy wants to work out in a Speedo, I say more power to him…wait, on second thought, after having an image pop into my head of the possibilities of this happening, I take back that previous statement. Let’s leave Speedo’s for European beaches and stick with proper CrossFit workout attire. But you get the idea.

Zombie WODS 3

Me at Crossfit Tire Factory’s Zombie WODs Competition

Whether you are a guy (or girl) that has six-pack abs or a little bit of extra loving packed on, be proud of who you are and what you are working towards. The fact that you are in the gym shows that you are motivated and trying to get in the best shape you can. Now, let’s take one moment to evaluate one of the few exceptions to my beliefs: Sweat. If you are one of those people that have an unnatural amount of sweat exude from your body when you workout, please, for the love of all things Crossfit, wear your damn shirt. I’m not trying to go swimming in a man-made pool while doing my push-ups. So with that considered, everyone has to start somewhere, and guaranteed most people did not always have those six-pack abs, so be loud and proud…and shirtless.

Altamonte Crossfit Summer Jamboree

Athlete at Altamonte CrossFit & Sport’s Performance’s Summer Jamboree
(Photo by: Gary Green)

So now on to my second topic in this edition of Crossfit Talk: loud, obnoxious grunting or yelling while doing a workout. I’m going to get straight to the point on this one, I completely support it. I’m guilty, and I know, I KNOW more than 80 percent of you reading this right now are too. Sometimes you just can’t help it. When that weight feels too heavy or that last rep seems impossible to finish, sometimes you just have to scream to push your motivation level up just enough to get you through. You know those weird looks you get? You know, the ones where people are wondering if you are mentally stable enough to be in the gym at that moment or if they should escort you off the property. Yeah, those. Take them in and let them fuel your workout. You know why? Because at the end of your WOD, when you finished ahead of them, they’ll be rethinking their judgmental looks and probably joining in with you the next time around, in hopes that it will help them keep up with you. Use whatever works for you.

Ben Hazlerig in Crossfit Firebase's Infidel Throwdown Competition

Ben Hazlerig in Crossfit Firebase’s Infidel Throwdown Competition

I think part of the CrossFit mentality is every athlete is unique and has those rituals that help them become the athlete they are or want to be. Don’t ever conform to what you think you should look or act like. The one common denominator in every athlete is the drive to be better, but other than that, use your uniqueness to be the drive you need to be the best….and sometimes that just might involve grunting. So for all you “haters”, get over it! Yeah, I just said haters. Get on my level.

This edition of CrossFit talk has been brought to you by C. C for CrossFit. C for camaraderie among athletes. It’s an entirely different environment and everyone understands the level of dedication and passion needed in CrossFit. Never been in a more supportive environment where everyone cares about your progress. C for come out and try it! If you have never tried crossfit before, do it now. Like right now. Get up from your computer, put on your running shoes and get to a crossift gym. For all of you in the Orlando area, come say what’s up to me and Jen at Altamonte Crossfit. We’ll be waiting for you, shirtless and all.

Have to represent! Props to Booby Davidowitz for this awesome video. Here’s a little idea of what CrossFit is all about:


4 thoughts on “CrossFit Talk – Let’s Get Loud and Shirtless

  1. Ben O'Grady says:

    I have an opinion on this. I’m cool with men and women going shirtless at the CrossFit gym, especially if they’re kicking some ass in a WOD. We live in Florida, it’s hot, it’s humid, and a shirt slows you down. I get that. Plus, I ain’t going to lie, I like looking at hot chicks working out shirtless even though it can be distracting. I do think people should have a modicum of modesty and not get too crazy about stripping down because ultimately a CrossFit gym is a family environment. I say use your best judgment.

  2. otown73 says:

    I love it…

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