December 17, 2012 by j1scotty

Get excited! It’s Fun Friday!! What does this mean? It means we are going to share random, fun things with you.

Alright, it’s not’s Monday. I know this, don’t correct me. However, Monday’s can be boring, uninspiring, and downright rude. So, I thought I would cheer you up by saying it’s Friday. Go with it.

So, let’s begin with 12/12/12. Why was everyone on FB constantly reporting what the date was? I think we all knew it was 12/12/12, but hey, thanks everyone for the reminder. It made me feel panicky, like I was supposed to be doing something. Everyone was getting married or having babies. Ew.

My friend had a brilliant idea of doing 12 things she’s never done. I tried to copy her. I achieved 3. I felt so unaccomplished. Here’s my three things…1. Ate at a vegetarian restaurant. Very, very good…but I kept forgetting why there was no meat on my plate. I need meat in my life. The place was bomb though. Dandelion Cafe. Check it out.

ImageThe second thing I accomplished was riding the swans at Lake Eola, in downtown Orlando. Real exciting. Let’s just remember I had no time to plan. It’s all I got.

And, number 3. Smoked a cigar. No, I’ve never done it. That was an experience. I am part Cuban, I feel like it’s a must to at least try it. you have it…


I was trying my best to look cool. Didn’t work out.

I’m sure you’re very unimpressed with my attempts. Sooooo, moving on.

Do you know how much Lauren and I are dedicated to this blog? To look cool? To try and impress you?! I thought it would be a fantastic idea to do a Christmas picture. In my mind it looked beautiful. I thought..yes! We will wear Christmas colors, be lifting..better yet, be lifted by a really strong , good looking man. Here’s what happened….


VERY confident going in.



UMMMMMM. Let’s take into account that I do not know the nice gentleman, Ben, that so graciously said he would lift us. He’s a pro. He lifts and teaches cheerleaders, all day , every day. We now are quite close.



That also happened.

So much for trying to be awesome. I was shaking like a leaf. Sweaty palms. Let’s have a look at one more, and this is my favorite, because take a look at the poor dude on the left. He’s either trying to spot, and in that case I’d be dead..or he’s saying..#$%#@$#%$ STOP!!!


Lauren did much better. She got up like a true cheerleader. Look at her face! She’s real excited.


 Let’s have a look at the final product.


Merry freaking Christmas!

All i have to say about that is, you’re welcome, and Ben, I’m sorry.

Recipe Time!!! Yes, I’m finally throwing up a recipe. Paleo pancakes to be exact. Breakfast is my favorite meal. I love anything to do with giant amounts of pancakes and french toast. There are lots of recipes out there for paleo pancakes, you can even mess around with it yourself..but here’s my version.

  1. 1 banana…ripened
  2. I cup Almond flour
  3. 1 egg
  4. 1/4 c. canned coconut milk
  5. 1 tsp. vanilla extract.

Enjoy life chocolate chips…uhhh hello chocolate chip pancakes are a must. Especially if you have kids. That’s up to you if you want the whole bag in there or not. I do at least half the bag, and I eat the other half while making them. Then I’m sick.

Sometimes I eye ball it..if it seems to be to runny, add more Almond flour. Duh.

Next, mix it all together, put it in a pan, flip it. Shove in face. Just like dancing. What? You don’t dance like that?

I should have a picture here. I don’t because I ate them all. Then I remembered to take a picture. oops.

But! I do have a picture of this……


I can’t do that.

Lauren taught me how to handstand…on the beach, in December. Florida…I love you. We even had a guy ask us if we were doing pilates. We said clearly it’s zumba!


That’s it for this edition of Fun Friday! We have lots of exciting things coming up! VERY EXCITING! Next week you should be on the look out for a whole new category. It has to do with fit, single people. Chew on that.

This edition of Butts n guts has been brought to you by the letter D. For don’t be dumb. Do something good. Dingle berries. Doo Doo brown (remember him?) And , of course the Dynamic Duo..Lauren and I.

Special thanks to Altamonte crossfit for letting us take pics, to Ben for not saying out loud how idiotic we looked, and to my girl Alana for providing wardrobe. Now get back to work! See ya on the flip side b!tc$es!


4 thoughts on “It’s FUN FRIDAY!!!!

  1. Megan says:

    So much fun in Monday. Solid dead lift. That has to be one of the best Christmas photos I have ever seen!

  2. Alana says:

    Finally got a chance to make these pancakes (without the chocolate chips of course cause I would eat the whole flip’n bag)! AMAZING … thanks for sharing the recipe … the banana/almond/coconut combo was yumtastic!

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