Want a hot date?


January 17, 2013 by j1scotty

  1. People get confused about who’s writing..It’s me, Jen, today. Mondays awesome post was Lauren. She’s real smart about lifting. And she’s real pretty. Read it.
  2. I’m obsessed with Justin Timberlake’s new song. OBSESSED. The part where he says..” stop, let me get a good look at it, so thick I know why they call it a fatty”…I think he’s singing about my big booty. JT likes big booties, so does my other guy Pitbull. I’m in.
  3. Fact of the week. Cow tipping. Lies, it’s all lies. A real , legit, Idaho dairy farmer told me that in fact, cows sleep lying down. Did you know this?? I didn’t. That was one of the things I wanted to do in my lifetime. What a let down.
  4. Finding out an awesome, sweet , love song that you’re tearing up to in the car because you want someone to sing that to you, is sung by One Direction. The boy band One Direction. Don’t act like you don’t know. “Little Things” Listen and cry.
  5. I passed. Yep. I passed my crossfit certification. Aren’t you glad you know me?

OK PEOPLE GET EXCITED!!! This post will not be about food or lifting…it shall be about love. It’s almost February after all. My birthday month, duh.

Lauren and I thought, because we are so brilliant, it would be a good idea to try a little matchmaking. We have both had friends on dating sites. They are scary as hell !!! But, they are quite entertaining. Have you seen the people on these sites?! Straight up freaaaaaaaks. No offense if you’re on them, but you know what I’m talking bout. I was going to post a couple pics from the sites, but I learned I may get sued. It was almost worth it to me.

What makes us experts you say? Hey, we aren’t claiming to be love experts..but we both believe in silly, romantic, tear jerking, movies. Clearly we know what we are doing.

But on the real. People are always looking for their “person”. We are all human. God put it in us to want to want to be with someone. Who wants to do life alone? Not me. Not Lauren.  And I’m guessing not you, if you’re single.

We thought we could help out in this area. A common bond us fitness people have is, like it or not, being fit. Not just cross fitters..anyone in fitness. It’s a huge bond people share. It’s where you make friends and lovers.

Now don’t be writing and saying we are discriminating and blah blah…because, nope, we aren’t. Good , solid people are everywhere. We are just narrowing it down a bit to people who like the same things.

On to our first candidate! He’s just a good, solid, handsome, guy. Want some pics? Of course you do!!!!!!!! He also gave us a little bio…read enjoy.

Oh Hi Chris. Look at you doing muscle ups.

Born and Raised in Orlando, FL. I played Lacrosse and ran in High School. I attended Stetson University in Deland, FL for College and majored in Accounting.

I consider myself a fairly laid back person, interested more in the moment than what tomorrow has in store. My idea of a great time always involves good food and drinks along with great friends and lots of laughs. I believe chocolate and beer are the secrets to a happy life. I love being outdoors and especially like going hiking/camping, going to the beach, and skiing (even though I don’t go as often as I would like).

Nothing beats a good book after a long week and I have manage to developed quite a bad habit of buying more books than I can read at any giving time. I also have a not-so-secret addiction to movies and own more than I care to admit. I love traveling to new places and I don’t consider a year complete until I’ve gone on a trip (or two) somewhere. A few places I really enjoyed visiting are Washington D.C., the island of Oahu, Hawai’i, and Munich, Germany.

I am a dog person through and through and have an almost 1 year old black lab puppy named Max who has quite a personality and at 67 pounds has, without doubt, earned his nickname of “Fatboy”. There is a reason they’re called “man’s best friend” and nothing brightens even the roughest of days than being tackled by a dog excited to see you.

Although I chose not be religious in the conventional sense, I feel you have to believe in something or someone and a faith in one’s self and of those around you. I tend to break out laughing over a joke told yesterday and will always find humor in a situation even if it means making fun of yourself.

I love watching Baseball and have what some friends refer to as an “obsession” with St. Louis Cardinal Baseball; although I like to think about it as more of a passion for the team than an “obsession”. Baseball may be my sport to watch, but Lacrosse is the sport I love to play, whether it’s a pick-up game or a full season league.

I started Crossfit at Altamonte Crossfit and Sports Performance a little more than a year and a half ago after becoming completely bored out of my mind with the normal gym. I love the competition aspect that Crossfit brings to workouts and thrive on improving myself and my times. I’ve done 2 competitions so far with a third, coming up in Miami. Working out with Crossfit and being at ACSP has become more of a lifestyle than simply a workout routine and I have met way more friends at the gym than one would think possible, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Hollah!!! No really..hollah at us if want to get to know him. We set up an email just for this! We aren’t dummies either. You’re not getting Chris’s email. We will pass along your info. Also, If you would like to be hooked up, or know someone who would like an equal opportunity we will see what we can do. Ahhhh love, ain’t grand…and hard work at the same time.

buttsnguttsjl@gmail.com…..Let’s get it poppin people!

This episode has been brought to you by the letter I. I love you. IDIOTS, don’t be one. Italiricans ( Italians and puerto rican mixes), Ingenious ( we are).


6 thoughts on “Want a hot date?

  1. Jini says:

    Um, he’s single WHY?! Holy crap.

  2. Megan says:

    Was he excited to do this or did you girls totally ambush and brainwash him? I completely agree about the whole fit people bond thing. My friends who don’t enjoy working out don’t understand how cranky I get if people F with my schedule. For example – today I worked out at 10am. YES I have a job. But these a-holes scheduled me from 12-4. I had a 6 mile speedwork run to do, THE NERVE!!!! Good luck with your boy!

  3. drnuggs says:

    wow! you ladies have out done yourselves:)

  4. emilylorraine says:

    Totally love your blog! And also him. Thank you and well done!

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