We’re baaaaaack. I’m talking four door Bugatti.


February 27, 2013 by j1scotty

  1. It’s been over two weeks since we have posted. Lauren and I take turns. Last week I was a slacker and I had writers block aka brain fart explosions. Literally all that kept going through my brain was that song Pop That. I kept wondering why French Montana fell in love with a stripper. Evidently he has a four door Bugatti. Perhaps he should frequent other establishments.
  2. Writing in power point form makes me feel important and very business like. You should actually get a pointer and point while you’re reading it. You’ll see what I mean.
  3. I got a part time job at the Stizz..aka Starbucks. I now have a new appreciation for the cup writers. You can tell alot about a person by what they order. Ordering a tall, in a venti cup, no foam, iced, 2 splenda, half calf, extra vanilla powder, double breve, 10 shots of espresso, extra hot, tea is not gonna get you a date bro. Yes, we are all rolling our eyes at you. The smell of complicated is coming from the steam in your cup.
  4. But seriously, he fell in love with a stripper?
  5. Sitting in your closet sucking your thumb and crying because you can’t zip up your jeans. I don’t know what you’re talking about. Never done it.
  6. I love crossfit as much as the next Khalipa , but is it really necessary to post on fb every time you’re at the box? Or every time you PR? Or post a pic of yourself evry single time you go? Did you know you look the same as the last time you posted a pic? Which was yesterday. Ok , good talk.

Ok, Let’s catch up then!! I, along with other people from my box went to Miami last weekend to attend Caution Grounds competition. I won the whole thing! Now for the big let down. I wasn’t even in it. Because I would’ve shown everyone else up, and people like Lauren really need a chance. Ha! Lauren was is it! She placed 14th out of 56 athletes in her division! Yup she’s legit. Damn her. I mean, I love you Lauren.

oh look it’s Lauren being fabulous.

I give mad props to all the other athletes from our box who competed. For some, it was their first competition. I didn’t see one of them take any pepto. I was so impressed. They made my mouth drop and gave me goosebumps. There’s something about people who work hard, show up and don’t quit. There’s something even greater about people who do it with a quiet strength and humbleness. To me that is greatness, no matter if you’re throwing 25kg over your head or 61kg. Cheers to you.

some of the other athletes from the box awaiting their fate. The cute couple on the end are engaged 🙂 Nothin like a good ass grab

You know what I hate the most about being mistaken for Giselle Bundchen? When people ask why a supermodel is working at Starbucks.

You want to know the secret to getting in a good workout. While others like Lauren come in and get down to business, I like to see what activities can be accomplished with the pvc.

Yes. yes of course you stretch with it..blah blah..boring. 


perfect golf swing.

Besides practicing you’re golf swing..you can also use it for a tap dancing prop. Especially when you have your oly shoes on and you’re on the platform. Try it. I guarantee better performance, as well as people wondering what the crizz you’re doing. It makes for better friend turn over.

Oh did you want some kind of food tip?? A friend asked me this week if chocolate was paleo. No. But really, who is going to live without chocolate? What a sad life that would be. What other emotional drug can we turn too? My recommend for chocolate chips, especially when baking, is the Enjoy Life brand. They are dairy, soy, gluten free. Less sugar than most and taste like what an emotional drug is supposed to taste like. You’re. Welcome. Peace be with you.


I promise it won’t take us so long to post again. I know you’ve been waiting and waiting and wondering where those brilliant, smart, perfect, girls went. I don’t know where Destinys Child went, but Lauren and I are back! Spread the word. We are trying to be popular here people. Also, you can like our fan page on the Facebook. 


This episode has been brought to you by the letter M. M for Magic Mike! DUH. I like to move it move it. Make something happen. Monogamy. Melancholy…never. Mofo. Machismo. I don’t know what that means but I like it. Maduros. Eat them. And last but not least Mighty! Be it. Peace. A town down town. 




One thought on “We’re baaaaaack. I’m talking four door Bugatti.

  1. Megan says:

    Welcome back ladies!

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