Let me kiss you.


March 20, 2013 by j1scotty

  1. Not letting go of bullet points. Number point..whatever they are. I feel professional and I like it.
  2. Caught myself singing a One Direction song again. Loud. I should know their catchy little tunes and whiney voices by now, but who doesn’t want to sing NAH,NAH,NAH,NAH,NAH,NAH. Let me Kiss you! I guess I’m not breaking up with them after all. And what of it?!
  3. It’s the first day of Spring!!! Time to panic and cry about having to be in a bikini all summer. Time for pep talks to our friends when we are all bitchin about how lumpy our bits are. If only we could take hold of all those statements about you’re fine the way you are. Be real girls. Looks good on paper. That’s about it.


So, Yes, I did my first crossfit competition. I won’t go on about it. Ain’t nobody got time for dat. Is that played out yet? I did feel accomplished. I’m glad I did it. It’s a humbling experience and makes you want to do better. I overcame a fear and that was my main goal. I also wanted to take pics like this……….


me and my compadres who competed. We look way cooler than we actually are. Ok we don’t even look cool. Ok I look cool.

You know what I hate about movies that make you cry? The crying. Lauren and I had a movie date last night. We saw Safe Haven. It was ok till the end. When we cried. It also made us want to move to a small town, go to the local small town dance, and have Josh Duhamel tell us he would keep us safe.


Yes, yes I know it’s Crossfit open time..Lauren is way more excited than me. I signed up. Guess what else I did? Threw my back out doing 13.2. Yep. That was fun. So my excitement level for the rest of the wods..not so high..but  power to the people.


When I think about Justin Timberlake, I still wished he was with Brittany. 


Lets talk food for a minute and what I eat. I’m super busy and and can’t always plan. I’m rushed and have to eat at work. 


Clean lunchmeat, Kind bar, and sweet peppers.

I gave you a picture because everyone is A.D.D now thanks to instagram and Fb. We just wanna look at the pretty pictures. Applegate turkey breast, peppers and a kind bar. Protein ,fat ,and carbs. Boom. If you can’t put this together you might as well quit at life because you’re lazy. Yeah I said it.


Another super easy meal..I eat this shizz for breakfast…


Sauteed Kale, eggs, chicken and avacado.

Look how cute my Valentine tablecloth is!! Let’s have a moment of silence for Target and how happy it is.

Ok, so that’s Kale, eggs, roasted chicken and avocado. Easy. Like your mom.

See the theme here? Protein, carbs, and fat. No, avocado does not make you fat. It’s good fat that you need. The giant frappacino that you draaaannk and tell yourself it’s a smoothie, that makes you fat.

This episode has been brought to you by the letter O. For..O no you didint. O snap. O girl take off them jeggings. The big O. Ostrich feathers. Olives in martinis. O you fancy. Overhead squats. That time of the month and how horrible it is. Ok, that doesn’t start with O. But there’s an O in hormones. And hormones make you wanna rip people’s heads off and cry for no reason and throw things at the wall. I never do that, but I see my friends do it all the time. They really need to get it together. 








3 thoughts on “Let me kiss you.

  1. emilylorraine says:

    Hi ladies! I love your blog, so that’s why I nominated you for a Liebster Award: http://crossfitpoor.wordpress.com/2013/04/05/the-liebster-award/. Keep on kicking ass!

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