Oh Hello Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

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May 1, 2013 by j1scotty

So it’s officially Summer in Florida. The weather is beautiful and I finally got my first sunburn of the year. Yes, I’m rocking the awesome tan lines with joy because this means no more cold weather and awesome beach days are in the near and distant future. In honor of this exciting news, I wanted to share this gem of a song I have found that makes me want to leave work, get in a soft top Jeep Wrangler and drive to the beach with my hair flowing in the wind. Emblem3 – Sunset Boulevard. You’re welcome.

Along with the Summer theme has brought to my attention that bikini wearing days are also in my near and distant future, which means I needed to step up my game. Abs are not going to form themselves and my not-so-small backside is not going to whip itself into shape for appropriate beachwear. So with the inspiration of Jen and her amazingly dedicated eating ways, I decided to go full Paleo and eat super clean. I am now on week 3, and I honestly could not feel better. I have already lost an inch and a half off my waste and an inch off both legs. Yes, it works….but I’m also not sitting around watching movies in hopes that eating clean is the only way to trim down and shape up.

Bikini-wearing, sandcastle-building days are here. No hiding now.

Bikini-wearing, sandcastle-building days are here. No hiding now.

I am a firm believer that eating clean and working out go hand-in-hand. I don’t think it will come to anyone’s surprise that I support the CrossFit way of life, but if that lifestyle and workout routine isn’t for you, then find what fitness regiment does work for you and commit to it. Someone told me recently that CrossFit is for everyone. I disagree. I believe that fitness is for everyone, but the type of fitness that an individual chooses should be based upon what they enjoy and are comfortable with. Some people like working out alone, some people like working out in groups, some like to lift heavy and some like to lift light. And some even like dance classes…not my thing because I have no rhythm, but more power to those who can shake those hips, look good and keep themselves in shape.

Off topic for two seconds. Has anyone actually tried those dance classes? I did once. I looked like a spastic idiot who was in middle of a seizure. I was always two steps behind and had the look on my face of someone who just got their pants pulled down in the middle of high school gym class. Let’s just say, not a good look for me. The point being, that’s not the type of fitness I prefer; however, some people who are far more gifted than myself, can look like a normal human being getting a regular workout in those classes. And they have fun. So if that’s for them, I have no problem with that. This goes with saying though that I believe there should always be some sort of weight training in your fitness regiment.

Our Altamonte Crossfit family. We be all about those beach WODs

Our Altamonte Crossfit family. We be all about those beach WODs

The idea is to stay consistent with your routine. You need to stay active and eat clean. I’m also not saying you need to follow the Paleo lifestyle 100%. But you need to be mindful of the foods you are putting into your body. Yeah, that slice of pizza might taste delicious in the moment, but most people don’t like to think about the after-affects these type of foods have on their body. Foods like pizza are filled with fat and bad carbs, which your body has a hard time processing. Furthermore, your body needs nutrients and good carbs for it to function properly, especially if you are working out consistently throughout the week. So it becomes quite counterintuitive to be involved in fitness but not eat properly to sustain your fitness level.

So people, do you or do you not want to look good in that bikini for the summer months? How many times have you said that this year will be the year that you finally get in shape? Stop postponing and stop making excuses. You cannot rely on other people to motivate you. You have to want to better yourself, and I promise you will feel so good about yourself that your friends will be jealous of how awesome you look, which I feel is equally important of course.

Jen has some great recipes she will be sharing with you for the summer months. Trust me, I bug her every week for some new stuff, so get excited! And take that first step into getting your fitness routine in order. Go for a jog or a fast-paced walk for about 30 minutes to get out of the office. Take a friend to spin class. Have someone go with you to try out your first CrossFit experience :). Sorry, had to put that in as an option. Just get out and do something. The weather is beautiful and there is no reason or excuse to sit back and wait.

Oh you know, we just chilling. Good times with good friends.

Oh you know, we just chilling. Good times with good friends.

This episode has been brought to you by the letter Q. Really? I have to do Q? Geez, okay here we go. Q for quitters. Don’t ever be one. EVER. Q for queens. Jen and I both like to think we are one. Because we are. Tell us different, see what happens. Dare you. Q for quiet, something I’m not. Q for quacky and quirky. Quads. I like those. Quixotic. Have no idea what this means, but it’s a word and it’s fun and it starts with Q! And quick! Get off your lazy bum and go something with your beautiful or handsome self.


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