Stop rolling your eyes and put Butter in your coffee.

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July 26, 2013 by j1scotty

Oh hi. It’s us. I know all 10 of you were wondering where we went. I’ll now attempt to sum it up in fifty words or less.

Working. Road trip to Chicago..don’t do that, that’s why there’s planes. that. Working. Crossfit. Working. Work. Working. More working. Complaining about working. Yep that sums it up. Now I’ll give you some pictures since all of our juvenile minds just want to look at the pretty colors.


yeah sometimes we are cute and go out and stuff


Bacon beatdown cf comp!!


famous Ginos east in Chi town..HELL YES I ATE THAT! so what if I was in bathroom all night, it was worth every bite


Let’s just laugh at Lauren for a minute..this is what she did on vaca.


me in Chicago. My favorite city. Go there.

What? Of course I dropped in a box in Chi town. River North Crossfit. That’s the best part of travel…droppin it like it’s hot in other boxes. Way to many jokes there.


” I got tattoos on my body, and psycho B%$#@s in the lobby.” I always new Jay-Z and I had things in common. I indeed have tattoos on my body and the hotel I work at is real bouji. Every famous person you can think of stays there…hence psycho B$&%#s in the lobby. We should be friends, I can relate Jay-Z.


Let’s talk about this whole bullet proof coffee thing. Just another crazy thing us crosfitters do. I held off on trying it for a bit. I didn’t want to drink more koolaid than I already have. For God’s sake my mouth and tongue are stained red and I get made fun of for it. 

I gave in..I’m hooked. Here’s the breakdown..grass-fed butter..coconut oil..and coffee. Sounds like the perfect recipe to poop all day long. You won’t. Maybe. I mean I can’t say how your body will react. Be safe and stay close to the pooper for the first couple times.

Ok why? Why drink it? Listen, I did all the research for you and believe me, its boring, but you want to know why you’re doing it. So I’m gonna do you a favor and break it down real short like. You can make your donation to the give me money fund later.

Its actually not new. People have been drinking it worldwide for centuries.

For most of us our bodies are very starved for good fats. We’ve been taught butter and fat will cause high cholesterol. FALSE.’ve been lied too. How do you feel? 

Grass fed butter is high in Omega-3 fatty acids. You need that. Duh. Especially if you’re crossfitting or doing high intensity training. Good fat is not going to make you fat! It’s going to give you energy. Yes, it’s high calorie, but guess what? YOU NEED CALORIES. Another surprise huh? I had to do away with the notion of counting calories and weighing myself like a compulsive freakazoid. Now I’m obsessed with being strong. Now that I’m focused on that, and not afraid to eat, guess what I’m getting stronger. Wow. Amazing, congrats Jen it only you took you almost your whole life to start eating. Girls are so dumb. 

Ok ok so my pants don’t fit because my ass has grown. Sometimes I cry about it, I poke at it and stuff. Too bad you can’t suck in your booty like your stomach. I’ve tried. Good thing big butts are in style. Thankyou Sir Mix Alot.

Summary….good source of fat. Gives energy. Makes you feel like Beyonce. Try it..Mikey might like it. Oh and you can add in protein for extra snazz.  I suppose you need to know how and what. 

Good coffee, make it. Pour in 2 tablespoons grass fed butter. Couple teaspoons of coconut oil. Blend till it makes foam on top. Pour in cup. Drank it. You’re welcome.

This episode has been brought to you by OMG RICH FRONING IS GONNA BE SHIRTLESS ALL WEEK! Really that’s all that matters. Move along. 


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