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September 26, 2013 by j1scotty


OMG..can you people stop wearing high wasted pants? PLEASE. They do not look good. You should not wear them to work, you should not wear them to twerk, do not wear them in the car, you do not look like a movie star, they make your ass look flat, and who wants to smack that?! And that concludes the Dr. Seuss PBS portion of the blog. 


Let’s talk some crossfit. Lauren, my other half..was again, in  another competition. A little competition called Crush Games. It was in Miami and it’s a huge event. She was part of a team. I’m gonna make this short and to the point….It was a bad ass team, and they came in 7th. If you just shook your head and said so what, you’re about to feel real dumb and belittled. 

  1. 2 day event…had to qualify to move forward to 2nd day.
  2. Over 70 womens teams going in. 
  3. Julie Foucher was on one.
  4. I was not on the team
  5. Over 1,000 competitors
  6. I was not on the team
  7. You should now feel dumb and more insecure about yourself.

    Look at that bad bitch go.



She’s so cool. You all wish you could have champions as friends, but sometimes life only rains unicorns on the lucky ones. What? exactly.

Now I know you all are wondering why I wasn’t on the team. So am I.


It was also Laurens birthday! Image

She’s a whole 25 years old. Must be nice. Baby. I say that out of jealousy. I know my flaws, U should get to know yours too.

Ok enough about Lauren..geez, she’s so narcissistic. I had to look up how to spell that on google. Anyways, look what I can do.Image


Since we are talking about hash tags, can I please ask why people are hash tagging Jesus? I was unaware Jesus had his own social media account. Guess what? He doesn’t. Stop it.


On to Pumpkin! YAY everyone freak out because Pumpkin spice lattes are back! I l love pumpkin..anything with pumpkin in it, I’ll make it and fall in love with it because yummy food is sometimes better than men. And you know das right. I will now present my favorite pumpkin bread recipe of all time that I’ve found. Blueberry and chocolate chip pumpkin loaf. I wish I invented it. But I do like big butts, so I can not lie. Omg Paleo. Julie is awesome and this is one of my faves.  I am not computer savvy at all. So I hoped the linky thing worked for you to click on.


This episode has been brought to you by the letter P. For pumpkin, for People..get happy..it’s fall. You can get fat again and not worry about being in a swimsuit. Unless u live in Florida like us. Screwed. Picking your nose in the car, pasties ( Lauren wears them ).


Well, I’d like to say we are gonna write more on the reg, but that would be to caj..U know like in casual. People actually talk like that..I overheard a girl say her cardigan would’ve been to caj to wear. Say the whole damn word, we do not live on the show Beverly Hills 90210. Yeah I said it…Beverly Hills. 90210.





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