Church and crossfit. Similar? I think so.


November 15, 2013 by j1scotty

Ok,ok This post is gonna be short and to the point. Usually I joke and make fun of people, you know like you do, I just say it out loud.

I’ve read a couple different blogs lately on crossfit. People who hate it and make fun of us. Hey I make fun of us, if you can’t make fun of yourself and laugh a little then proceed to dislodge the bar from whatever opening in your body it’s in. I also read blogs on die hard crossfit people who think there is no other way to do things. They are also wrong.

I’m gonna testify here for a minute on my journey. I , like everyone else, equate things in life to similar experiences. I grew up in church, my life revolved around it. The last couple years things have changed. My life was turned upside down. Some good and some bad. I found the courage to leave a toxic relationship that left me wondering who I really was and if I was really strong at all. Then I walked into a little crossfit garage gym in Idaho. I was warned it was cult, I was told please don’t become “one of those people.”  I had no clue what they were talking about. All I knew was that the chick who ran this thing was badass and I wanted to be at least a little of that. I knew I wanted to feel strong. At the time I was thinking strong physically, but what I didn’t know is that I really meant spiritually. 

I had been in a relationship that stripped my power. No one knew what really went on, some still don’t.  I needed a break from everything, including my fake smile at church. I know, I know..please don’t break out the colored flags and wave them over my head. ( church lingo) 

Church and crossfit? To me they are similar. Everyone wants to believe in something. Everyone wants to prove themselves. Everyone wants to belong to something greater than themselves. 

As I was learning these Oly lifts, I realized for the first time I felt strong. I also realized I was centered. I thought of nothing but what I had to lift. For the first time in years my mind was clear. This is when crossfit became my “church”. Not God, but my community. 

Crossfit community is not perfect. There are crazy people who make it their whole life, but what I found is that for alot of people it’s their sanctuary. It’s the time of the day where you can go be yourself, to better yourself. To be with like minded people who instantly accept you because you’re just as crazy as them. 

What did crossfit do for me? In a sense it saved my sanity. It gave me my power back as a woman that I was stripped of. My confidence in who I am on my own is coming back. Did church do that for me? No. Can God use other things in life to give things to you that you need? Absolutely. 

Is crossfit for everyone? Nope. And if people don’t like it, they’re not losers, like I’ve so many times read. Do you have to have balance? Yep. There is so much more to you than how much you can lift, and God forbid your life revolve around that. 

In this month of November of thankfulness, I’m thankful for crossfit. For it saving me from a hard time in my life. For it giving me the power to take back myself. 

Oh..the other thing I like about crossfit..being able to yell..HEY BITCH GET OFF THE FLOOR. To a dude. Now don’t all go pray for me at once. Namaste, shalom, peace be with you, and also with you…Can I get a witness?!  


2 thoughts on “Church and crossfit. Similar? I think so.

  1. John Casey says:

    I’m impressed Jen! Glad you have this insight of what you have been through. And now the strength and courage to do what you need to re-become (new word) the awesome person you are destined to be. We were all worried about you and the boys and I feel although you don’t have all of the answers (and maybe never will) you are on the right track. Good luck and if there is anything we can do, please let us know. jgc

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  2. emilylorraine says:

    Totally love this!!!

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