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Catchy title huh? Butts and guts. If you think you’re going to see our butts, you’re wrong. And dirty. Wrong page. Leave. What you will see is posts about food (guts), and lifting ( butts). Now that your mind is out of the gutter..Welcome! I know, I know..there are already lots of blogs about food and lifting, but!…..ummm I can’t really think of anything clever to say right here to counter that statement.So, I’m Jen. I’ve been personal training for almost 9 years. God willing and my brain is functioning, in January I will be crossfit certified. I’m also a mother to 3 brilliant boys. My pride, my joy, my crazy. My motto in life is..Live, Laugh, Love. Not really. It just sounded cool to say because from my observations, everyone seems to have it stenciled on their wall. Why?. My motto changes daily. Today it’s, everything looks more gangster if it’s bedazzled. It’s true. Try it.

My life right now is what I like to call the Gypsy chapter. I just moved back home to Florida from my other home, Idaho. Yep. Idaho. Say what you will. You just said potato. I’m the brunette, and everyone knows what they say about brunettes. ( Whatever you just said in your head right there is true).

Over the past year my training has changed. I was introduced to cross fit and paleo. Some of you just made faces, and rolled your eyes, and said..oh here we go. Well, HELL YES HERE WE GO! My mom just yelled at me in her head for saying hell yes. Why yes? Because it changed me,  from the inside out. More about that later. I will be the one mainly talking about food. I’ve had alot of people ask me why I eat like I eat…then they proceed to yell…Blasphemy! No grains?! No sugar? Whaaaat?! How do you live? Why are you alive? Well, I’ve been eating like this for a year, and guess what? I live on. In fact, I live better. But don’t be silly, I sometimes eat my body weight in chocolate. In particular Nutella. Never had it? Then you’ve lived a sad life.

Now let me say this, I am no professional, I am not a dietician. However, I’ve done loads of research and reading and practiced  what I’ve preached. I mean as far as eating goes anyway. But that’s another story. I should automatically be handed some kind of degree. Anyways, I thought, why not do a blog? Then lots of reasons came to me. Then I got over it. So here it is. Take it or leave it. Not really, you should take it.

I’m just here to pass on what I’ve learned. Some recipes, a little talk about life, really whatever I want to talk about because it’s my blog. Ok, fine, I share the blog with the hot blonde. You know what they say about blondes, and yes everything you just thought in your head is true. Speaking of dumb blondes…It’s not Lauren. She’s legit. We met in our crossfit gym. Pause for a shout out…Altamonte Crossfit!! Word. So, Lauren. I met her. I saw her abs and then I hated her. Then I quit staring at her abs that were always in my face and fell in love with her. She’s smart. In fact she graduated from the world’s greatest University. Clearly we all know that means UF. But I’m not tryin to blow anyones spot. I just turned 16 there for a minute. I try to relate across the generational lines. Yo Lauren….blow up your spot!




Blogging. I love this concept! To basically be able to talk about anything and no one can tell me to shut up?? This makes me one happy girl and you one lucky person.  No but really, if you are interested in things like delicious healthy food advice and recipes to keep your guts tights and fitness advice focused on lifting that keep your butts firm, then this is the place for you!As the miss beautiful Jen mentioned above, she is the brunette that will kick your butt in the gym and then make you the most delicious dinner and desert afterwards that you don’t feel guilty about eating! How great is that? She can make you look good and feel good without even trying that hard…Lucky. As for me, I am the blonde with a passion for everything that challenges me athletically. I grew up playing sports and through that, grew a large understanding of the discipline and dedication needed to make your body strong. About 10 years ago, I was introduced to the world of weightlifting, and poof, just like that, my view on fitness and strength completely changed…let me explain.

I was always taught growing up that weightlifting was for boys, because it made you big and bulky. WRONG! Throw out all your misconceptions now. Do it. Right now. Have you forgotten everything you were told yet? Good, now we can continue…Women, listen up: weightlifting, if done properly and technique is a primary focus, will firm your body and make you stronger than all your friends combined, while still looking the cutest gong out in your little black dress. Men, I haven’t forgotten about you. Weightlifting will transform your body, make you more flexible (which c’mon, we know you need), make you stronger, faster and most importantly better looking. No really, it will. Trust me.

About 3 years ago, I was introduced to Danny Camargo, who is basically THE MAN in the Olympic Weightlifting world. I have had the pleasure of training under him for the past three years, and it has, without a doubt, completely changed my life. Not only did he make me a better lifter, but he also taught me how to teach others, what to look for and how weightlifting can be utilized for any athlete to help them progress in their specific sport. I recently obtained my USAW Level One Certification, and I look forward to progressing further in this field and submerging myself further into learning more and coaching more.  Oh, did I mention that Mr. Camargo also introduced me to CrossFit? Yeah, I’m one of those too. A  CrossFit junkie. And, I LOVE it. Weightlifting and CrossFit go hand-in-hand, and through this blog, you will get to see how and why it is just so awesome; not only physically, but in my opinion, mentally and emotionally as well. More to come on that later…

I told you I could talk a lot. Actually, both Jen and I can talk A LOT. So get ready. Jen is a powerhouse of knowledge on all things healthy food related. She is also a personal trainer, and you know what they say about personal trainers?? Well, I don’t, but if you do I would like to know. But I do know that she’s hot and in shape and ready to share her wealth of knowledge with you all. This blog is her masterpiece and I am just along for the ride to help share in advice and knowledge with the things I know in fitness and lifting. So I hope you enjoy what we have to share. I know we will enjoy helping you along your journey of a healthier lifestyle!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Megan says:

    Ladies ladies ladies, I’m really excited that the two of you decided to blog. I know we just “met” but I’m excited. Chicks who can lift, talk, and eat are my favorite. I am more of a hybrid than you guys and am a paleo runner. I do crossfit at my gym in their cross-functional room but have never attended an actual class. I probably won’t either, money doesn’t grow on trees and DC is expensive as hell. Good luck with the new blog and I will be here commenting all the way!!!!!!!

    • j1scotty says:

      Thankyou so much for your support! We are just learning all about this blog stuff 😉 I really enjoy your blog as well! I love hot chicks who know what they’re doing as well as ones that are just learning!! The fitness community is great one to be apart of!! Btw I’ve been spying on your blog just to know what the hell I’m doing 🙂

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